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Our Hotel features some of the very best accommodations offered in Belize. We have 12 rooms which vary from single guests to a family option. We can accommodate your needs, whatever they are.

​Out on the dock bar, you can join us for karaoke and drinks, or perhaps listening to a live band as you enjoy a nice hot plate of our world famous tacos. We have a hot tub on the roof that feels lonely if there isn't a couple having drinks in it every night. It offers privacy an you can have your drinks hand delivered without even getting out of the warm water.

We can arrange dive tours, fishing tours and even a tour to go and visit the many ancient Mayan ruins of Meso-America. Many fisherman frequent our dock and they'd love to tell you where the best fishing is. During Whale Shark season, you'll enjoy watching the migration of these 40' gentle giants as you won't see anywhere else in the world. Lobsterfest is big in Belize and our resort is the perfect place to stay as you enjoy all of the many ways the fresh lobster is prepared. Like art? Enjoy handcrafted, one of a kind artwork, and handwoven baskets that none of your friends in the US have. You'll be the talk of the town when you return home after a vacation with us at Paradise Resort.

The atmosphere is great and we even offer long term rentals in one of our four private apartment-like options, complete with cable, internet, a kitchenette and private bath.

Don't want to miss the big game, or the next heavyweight bout? We show all the latest and greatest. We often have a movie night, shown in the large, new dining area of the restaurant.

Enjoy meeting people from Belize, but I assure you that you'll run into many other people from England, Canada, the US and many other places around the world. People just like you who simply want to get away and experience the sway of palm trees, the gentle breeze surrounding them like a hug from a long lost relative and a carefree experience. Some people are looking for a more upbeat and party experience, or perhaps the daredevil in you would like to try an adventure on a long zip line overlooking the emerald canopy of the rainforest, we can arrange that too! Alan and Deloris welcome you to try a piece of Paradise and watch as tropical fever surrounds you and makes your heart smile as it does theirs. We'll be waiting.  

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